How It Works

Take Your Fitness in the Right Direction with...

In Home Personal Training

I really dislike "hyped" fitness websites that try to use “power words” to attract your attention and make unrealistic promises about fat loss and fitness. Have you even been on a fitness website and then clicked the “back button” only to see a popup asking you if you’re sure you want to leave? Then they proceed to tell you they have a special offer for you. This offer is usually a “slash” in their regular price for in home personal training.

The truth is, discount in home personal training will get you a cookie-cutter program and a personal trainer just standing over you counting reps; NOT personalized service.

It takes time to create a custom program based on someone’s needs, goals, fitness level, limitations, etc. There are detailed forms to fill out so that I can get to know YOU. I need to know a lot about you in order to design an effective plan for you. I need to know what your diet is like now and aspects of your medical history. I'd like to know your goals and what you want to work on. This is the only way I can tailor a program specifically for you. As we work together I'll adjust your program to fit your needs and progress.

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What You Are Getting

Do you want to lose fat? Do you want to gain muscle mass? Are you unhappy with your current lifestyle? Do you wish you were thinner, stronger and looked better? I will help you take the necessary steps toward realizing your goals. No matter what your gender, age, or activity level is, I can design a fitness program specifically for you that will include resistance training, cardio, nutrition, and proper supplementation. If you train with me in home I will guide you step by step with everything you need for success. I am committed to help you get the body you want and the body you deserve.

Here is another truth: Do not believe it when a personal trainer says they know how to get you MAXIMUM results in a MINIMUM amount of time. You will not get “ripped and sexy” in a week.

Here is what I can promise you: Instead of taking 1 step forward and 3 steps back or continuing to go in circles, I will take your fitness in the right direction… one direction… constantly moving forward. Training with me isn’t just about lifting weights and a generic diet plan. It’s a learning process during which I will teach you how to keep the new, fit body that you’ve created.

If you decide to become an in home personal training client, you are getting a personalized fitness and nutrition program designed to lead you down a straight path. You are getting motivation and guidance whenever you need it. I will not allow you to give up!

What You Need to Do

  • Fill out a few forms to give me as much information about yourself as possible.
  • Follow the plan designed for you. I will try to make it as easy as possible for you to do that.
  • Don’t give up! If you find aspects of your program that are not working for you, let me know.


Say goodbye to:

  • Good intentions that fade because of daily life
  • Expensive equipment that gathers dust
  • Excuses that come too easily

How It Works

  • YOU set the goals
  • YOU choose the time and place
  • I provide whatever equipment you'll need to train effectively

What are you waiting for?


Working with Aimee has been a journey, one that I am still on. I have had my ups and downs, but Aimee has always been there for me. She not only gets to my physical issues but she is also there for the emotional issues that get in the way of achieving my goals. She never lets you slack off or take the easy way out. You are pushed form start to finish while training.

Matt Sieger – Levittown, PA

I have been training with Aimee for several months now and find her to be professional, supportive and motivational. The sessions are tough but enjoyable. With Aimee's help and support I've lost 11 pounds and I'm feeling fitter and gaining confidence. I would recommend Aimee to anyone.

Tom Myers – Horsham, PA

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