Guilt Free Ice Cream

We all scream for guilt free ice cream!

Let’s face it… most desserts aren’t healthy.

They’re filled with all the stuff you’re told to avoid (sugar, fat, weird ingredients and more sugar).

I will freely admit that the occasional dessert is definitely part of a healthy diet but, eating A LOT of dessert usually does more harm than good. It makes it nearly impossible to lose weight and look the way you want not to mention the dreaded sugar addiction.

There is no need to feel guilty about eating a big bowl of MY ice cream. This guilt free ice cream is actually made from frozen bananas and fat free cottage cheese. It’s nutritionally sound which translates to…”it’s actually pretty good for you” (that is, in human size portions).

If you are lactose intolerant or do not eat dairy, replace the cottage cheese with silken tofu. You can also easily find lactose free whey protein or flavored egg white protein powder. Either way, these substitutions will not change the calories or fat content of my recipe. Feel free to make this your own, based on your dietary lifestyle.

So, sometimes you want the frozen deliciousness of ice cream but not all the fat that comes along with devouring a giant bowl or two (or three in my case). This easy to put together frozen treat has only 5 ingredients and if you can push a button you’ll be enjoying your guilt free ice cream in no time! Plus, as a bonus, you’ll get the carbs and protein necessary for a perfect pre or post-workout meal.

1 cup fat-free cottage cheese
1 cup plain, unsweetened fat-free yogurt
1 frozen banana
4 scoops Chocolate or Vanilla Whey Protein Powder
Splenda or Stevia

Put all ingredients into a blender.
Blend until smooth, divide into 4 equal portions & freeze.

1 serving = 190 calories / 2 grams of Fat