Beginner Gym Machine Workout for Women

Summer is officially over. Maybe you overindulged at a few BBQ’s or pigged out every day on vacation and put on a few pounds. Is it possible that, even at the start of summer you did not like the way you looked in a bathing suit or shorts?

And now… the holidays are approaching which means overeating! No matter what your reasons for looking for a workout plan, the awesome thing is that you’re here.

There is no doubt that dumbbells and barbells are great, but machines can yield results as well. Machines are perfect for women who are not only new to exercise but new to working out in a gym.  This beginner gym machine workout is an excellent starting point and will help the newcomer alleviate her fear of all that daunting equipment.

Going to a gym for the first time can be intimidating. The shear amount and variety of machines can be overwhelming, plus many gyms are stocked with muscular guys who look like they’re ready to smash something.

If you can set your fears aside and go outside your comfort zone you will soon see awesome results.


Here are some tips for beginning a weight training program:

keep it simple


You should begin your fitness journey with a simple and basic full body machine workout. Your goal is to get your muscles used to the stress of the weight lifting and prepare your body for more advanced programs.

If you are consistent with your workouts, progress will happen quickly. Keep track of these changes.

Besides making you more comfortable in the gym, machine weight training helps you through the correct range of motion and movement with very little stress on you.  You won’t have to think much about your form like you would with free weights.


practice good form


In the beginning, you should not be trying to lift as much as possible. Get comfortable and practice performing each exercise correctly. Although the machine will ensure you are doing the proper form, you should still be cautious about certain aspects of your form.

Make sure your back is pressed flat into the bench or back pad in machine exercises like the leg press, chest press and shoulder press. Don’t hyper-extend (lock-out) your knees or elbows as you do the shoulder press, seated chest press, seated row, triceps press or leg extension.


do not push yourself to the max


Work hard, but not so hard that you want to quit. If you leave the gym feeling totally wiped out because you worked beyond your capabilities, you may soon dislike working out. You don’t want your muscles to be so sore you can hardly walk up stairs or lift your arm to brush your teeth.

Instead of feeling exhausted, you should leave the gym feeling energized and excited about your next workout. You should feel some soreness a day or two after a workout but this soreness should not be excruciating.

There’s a difference between challenging yourself and pushing yourself to the limit. Save the extreme workouts for after you have a solid training base. Then you can knock yourself out.




Rest enough for your muscles to recover. This is an essential component to success with any training program. Some beginners overlook it.

Leave a minimum of one day between each of your full-body machine weightlifting sessions. If you’re just starting out and know that you recover slower, rest for two days.

More rest is better than not enough rest, so make sure you’re fully recovered and feeling great each time you step in the gym.

If you can complete at least two workouts per week, you will start seeing improvements and more lean muscle.  If you can do three sessions, that’s great! However, don’t force yourself if you feel like you could use another day off.


The Workout

Become comfortable with this beginner gym machine workout. Then, when you’re ready, you can move into the free weight section and expand your exercise choices.

For each exercise do one (1) light warm-up set then 3 heavier sets of 12 repetitions

Seated Chest Press Machine

Seated Row Machine

Shoulder Press Machine

Bicep Curl Machine

Tricep Extension Machine

Leg Press

Leg Extensions

Seated Leg Curl