There are a few forms I will need you to complete after you have paid for your training package. The first form is a detailed questionnaire about YOU. I need to know about your health history, your attitude toward food and exercise and I want to see (in writing) what your goals are. Please fill out with great detail because it will help me customize your workout and meal plan accurately.

The second form is a liability waiver and finally I require you to sign an acknowledgement that you have read and agree to my cancellation policy.

I really do need to know a lot about you in order to design an effective plan for you. Like I described in How It Works, I need to know what your diet is like now and aspects of your medical history. I need to know your goals and what you want to work on. This is the only way I can tailor a program specifically for you. As we work together I will adjust your program to fit your needs and progress.

In the event you have any serious health issues, I will also ask you to complete a Medical Release which will be signed by you and your physician. I will determine if this is necessary based on the information in your Fitness Assessment.

For further information please go to my FAQ’s page.