Worried About Holiday Weight Gain: Don’t Panic

by Aimee Keiluhn
Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Anaylst


Holiday Weight Gain

If you are worried about holiday weight gain, you can stop panicking. Unless you completely avoid eating all the awesome foods laid out before you at holiday time, you are going to gain some weight. Imagine if you brought your Tupperware full of steamed chicken and brown rice to your family holiday or office party? Your friends, family and co-workers would be whispering behind your back, most likely planning an intervention.

So, you started a fitness program this year.  You’ve lost some fat, maybe gained a little muscle and are looking good.  It feels great to be rolling along, on track and making progress. Now, the dreaded holidays are here with all their fat-laden, sugar filled heavenly deliciousness.

Don’t panic!
There are ways to minimize holiday weight gain without sending your friends and family scrambling to search Google for obsessive eaters anonymous.

Have a plan and stick to it! Many people are derailed from their fitness program during the holidays because they don’t have a plan. Their crappy eating starts at Thanksgiving and sometimes doesn’t end until Valentine’s Day.

Treat the holidays like any other cheat day (or two). In between the company parties and family celebrations make sure your diet and workouts are on point. Try not to skip workouts. Even if you can’t make the gym the day of a party you can still workout. Check out my home boot-camp workout to stoke fat burning.

Don’t let the over-indulging go beyond two days in a row. If you over-indulge more than two days in a row you’ll increase your chances of ditching your fitness program for the foreseeable future.

Stock up on healthy foods. Make sure your fridge, freezer and pantry are stocked with all your regular healthy eats. Whatever you do, don’t take home any leftovers!

Here is a two day meal plan that you can implement in between festivities. It’s simple, straightforward and not terribly time consuming.  The idea is to alternate Meal Plan 1 and Meal Plan 2 between gatherings.

Stay the course; be prepared; try not to skip workouts and most importantly, ENJOY YOURSELF!


Meal Plan 1

Meal One: ¾ cups Egg Whites, 1 cup Spinach, ½ cup beans (any variety)
Meal Two: Protein Shake (1 scoop powder, ice, water)
Meal Three: 6 oz. Chicken Breast, 2 cups Green Beans (fresh or canned no salt)
Meal Four: ¾ cups Egg Whites, 2 cups Broccoli

Meal Plan 2

Meal One: 1 Whole Egg, ½ cup Egg Whites, ½ cup salsa, ½ cup black beans
Meal Two: Protein Shake
Meal Three: 6 oz. Chicken Breast, 2 cups of Spinach, 11 Almonds or Walnuts
Meal Four: 6 oz. Chicken or Fish, Green Salad with 2 tbsp. Olive & Vinegar Dressing



  • Do not use salt on anything
  • Use cooking spray for baking and sautéing
  • Do not buy anything that is not on your shopping list
  • Green veggies like Brussel sprouts or asparagus can be substituted for broccoli or green beans
  • Start planning ahead and preparing food the night before
  • Bake, broil or sauté 10 chicken breasts on Sunday afternoon for the entire week
  • You can use steam in the bag veggies or canned



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