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How to Begin a Fat Loss Plan That Gets Results

Most people are unsure about how to begin a fat loss program. They have many questions about food choices, meal composition and exercise. They are also afraid they will not see results.

Weight Loss: Negative Calorie Foods


You gain weight when your calorie intake is more than your calorie expenditure. But if this calorie equation is reversed, then it results in “negative calorie” balance in your body.

The Skinny: Weight Loss 101


So you need to lose weight but you don’t know where to start. The information out there can be difficult to understand, overwhelming and not easy to follow. You’re not sure if your willpower can hold out. You need weight loss 101.

Key to Permanent Weight Loss


What is the KEY to permanent weight loss? Unfortunately, there is no “Magic Pill” that will make you lose fat and build muscle.

Weight Loss: How to Stay Motivated

weight loss

Motivation is a factor overlooked when it comes to weight loss endeavors because you feel strong and determined when first embarking on a weight loss plan. You’re positive you’ll never lose sight of your goals. But, what happens when you lose your focus and motivation takes a serious dive?

3 Reasons to Include Eggplant in Your Diet

reasons to include eggplant in your diet

Eggplant is such a strange looking purple entity but it can provide many health benefits, including the prevention of some types of cancer. Here are some very good reasons to include eggplant in your diet.

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