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3 Delicious Protein Powder Desserts

If you want a dessert that tastes great, but keeps you lean, these protein powder desserts are sugar-free and will also add a muscle building punch.

Thanksgiving Survival Tips


Candied yams and stuffing on the front burner, guilt on the back burner. Here comes a long and festive season. Better use these 5 Thanksgiving Survival Tips

Wipeout Summer Weight Gain

wipeout summer weight gain

If you overdid it a bit during the summer, you may be tempted to go to extreme measures to take off the fat you gained, but you don’t have to. Here are 15 simple ways to wipeout summer weight gain.

How to Avoid Being Skinny Fat

how to avoid being skinny fat

Everyone admires the supermodel that “never works out” and “eats everything” yet still manages to look fabulous. Don’t get caught up in appearances.There is a difference between being thin and being healthy and it lies in body composition.

5 Secrets to Controlling Your Weight

5 secrets to controlling your weight

Anyone can lose weight. The trick is to keep it off. The real winners in the battle of the bulge are those who keep the fat off. With these 5 little known fat loss secrets, you can become a “master” of weight control and keep fat off forever.

Extreme Calorie Deficit is Killing Your Fat Loss

Extreme Calorie Deficit is Killing Your Fat Loss

I am sure you have heard the more muscle you have the more calories your burn. This is true. I’m sure you have also heard that you have to put your body into extreme calorie deficit in order to lose weight. DEFINITELY NOT TRUE!

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