Does the 10 Minute Trainer Work?

by Aimee Keiluhn
Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Anaylst
does the 10 minute trainer work

does the 10 minute trainer work

Does the 10 Minute Trainer work? I have had so many clients ask this recently…

Here is the answer I give them.

Tony Horton is selling people on only working out 10 minutes a day which is misleading.

The program even tells you for best results you need to do 30 minutes a day. However, it’s presented in such a way that leads many people to believe they never need to do more than 10 minutes…EVER!

From what I’ve read, the $90 price tag is too steep for what you are getting. Some customers have received the DVD’s but no resistance band. They were also not aware that you need to have a doorway close to the TV so you can hook the resistance band on the door knob.

If you don’t have a doorway close to your TV you won’t be able to use the band while watching the workout. Plus, according to online reviews, there are commercials on the DVD’s and a lot of upselling for other products.

Does the 10 Minute Trainer Work?

Check for reviews.


For beginners, 10 minutes a day is just a place to start and that’s it. Apparently the 10 minute trainer has exercises that are also difficult for beginners. If you have never trained before, difficult exercises are a sure fire “turn-off”. I would not be surprised if a majority of people who buy this program stop doing it after 30 days.

No one can get fit in 10 minutes a day. You really need to do these 10 minute circuits at least 3 times through 4-5 days a week for real results.


The workout I’m posting here is great for beginners or for people who are travelling and either don’t have access to a fitness center or are short on time. This workout can be done in your living room or hotel room.

The other complaint about the 10 Minute Trainer is that, after a while, the exercises become boring. I can see how that can happen. I change my workout frequently to avoid boredom and burnout. I also change the intensity, giving myself a week or two to do less intense (but still challenging) workouts.

I offer a 30-Day Challenge to clients which is half the price of the 10 minute trainer. You can choose between one (1) 50-minute workout or four (4) 10-minute workouts. You decide if you want your program to include or exclude equipment. And… you also get a fitness assessment and a 7 day meal plan.

Proper nutrition is the real key to fat loss. Without it you are not going to get the results you want. If you want to get fit WITH guidance, click here:





If you are a beginner or just short on time, you can still train your entire body with intensity. You can still make progress with a short, intense workout; improve your body or maintain your current physique.

10 MINUTE FITNESS (My alternative to the 10 Minute Trainer)



one   If you don’t have dumbbells, use 1 gallon water jugs as your weights

*  Filled = 8lbs     * ½ Filled = 4lbs


two1 Circuit = 1 set of each exercise in order without rest
1 Set = Perform the exercise for 45 seconds
If you fatigue, pause & then continue the exercise until time is up.


threeWork up to 3-4 circuits in one workout (rest 2-3 minutes between circuits)
Use the stop watch on your phone or download an Interval Timer App


Increase the time for each exercise (bump up to 50 seconds and so on…)
Completely fill the water jugs to increase weight



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