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Mommy and Me Workout


With Mommy and Me workouts, moms don’t have to choose between spending time with their baby and getting rid of that post-baby belly.

Enjoy the Holidays Without Destroying Your Diet

Enjoy the Holidays Without Destroying Your Diet

Learn how to celebrate the healthy way with a collection of my holiday blogs. This advice will help you enjoy the holidays without destroying your diet and you’ll learn how to get back on track if you make your holiday TOO MERRY!

HIT Workout for Fat Loss


Is the treadmill or elliptical getting boring? Has your workout routine become “Routine”? Try a HIT workout for fat loss.

5 Short Effective Workouts


So, you think you have NO TIME to workout? Workout in no time at all with these 5 Short Effective Workouts!

The Skinny: Weight Loss 101


So you need to lose weight but you don’t know where to start. The information out there can be difficult to understand, overwhelming and not easy to follow. You’re not sure if your willpower can hold out. You need weight loss 101.

4 Ways to Stop Hating Exercise


I know people who don’t get the “high” that some of us get after a workout. Here are a few strategies to approach working out and stop hating exercise.

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