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Intermittent Fasting Guide

intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is not a diet; it’s a pattern of eating. Intermittent fasting doesn’t change what you eat, it changes when you eat. Since I’ve started, I’ve increased muscle mass, decreased body fat and decreased the amount of time I’ve spent training (down from 6 hours per week to 3 ).

The Best Online Personal Training

online personal training

The best online personal training service will give you everything you would get with in-person personal training and more.

How to Lose Fat and Build Muscle

lose fat and build muscle

The dream of most people is to lose the maximum amount of fat and build maximum muscle in the shortest period of time possible. While I cannot tell you this will happen only spending and hour a week in the gym, there is a solution. You can accomplish a lot in 30 days…

Wipeout Summer Weight Gain

wipeout summer weight gain

If you overdid it a bit during the summer, you may be tempted to go to extreme measures to take off the fat you gained, but you don’t have to. Here are 15 simple ways to wipeout summer weight gain.

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