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The Best Muscle Building Workout

best muscle building workout

This is one of my favorite muscle building workouts. Most people either want to lose fat or build muscle. There is rarely an “in between” or gray area. In this workout you will decrease training volume and lift HEAVY! You are doing fewer sets but with greater intensity.

Does the 10 Minute Trainer Work?

does the 10 minute trainer work

I have had so many clients ask me recently ‘Does the 10 Minute Trainer Work?’ Here is the answer I give them. Tony Horton is selling people on only working out 10 minutes a day which is misleading. It’s presented in such a way that leads many people to believe they never need to do more than 10 minutes…EVER!

How Many Calories Are in Cronuts

How many calories are in Cronuts

I’m sure by now you have heard some buzz about the Cronut. It’s a cross between a donut and a croissant…the Huffington Post describes it as a “nutritional nightmare”. That description is spot on.

5 Secrets to Bodybuilding Success

secrets to bodybuilding success

One thing that is obvious in bodybuilding and fitness people is that their mindset is very different from other people. I have discovered successful bodybuilders and athletes have a few things in common. No matter what your goals are, this formula for success will guarantee that you get the results you want.

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