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Killer Home Boot Camp Workout

home boot camp workout

Some people have an aversion to the gym. Others join and never go. If you think you will actually workout at home, this home boot camp workout could work for you! If you belong to a gym but are short on time this is an effective replacement. Do this workout 3 times a week for fat loss!

How to Simplify Your Summer Workout

simplify your summer workout

During the summer many of us try to cram in as much outdoor fun as possible. This quick-fix routine can be used two or three days per week to simplify your summer workout and help you maintain your overall fitness and get you out of the gym quickly.

5 Secrets to Controlling Your Weight

5 secrets to controlling your weight

Anyone can lose weight. The trick is to keep it off. The real winners in the battle of the bulge are those who keep the fat off. With these 5 little known fat loss secrets, you can become a “master” of weight control and keep fat off forever.

10 Shortcuts to Fat Loss

10 shortcuts to fat loss

Most people are unsure about how to begin a fat loss program. They have questions about food choices, meal composition and exercise. It is not easy to lose body fat. It took a long time to put it on and it will take just as long to remove it. Here are 10 shortcuts to fat loss that will help you achieve your goal.

Extreme Calorie Deficit is Killing Your Fat Loss

Extreme Calorie Deficit is Killing Your Fat Loss

I am sure you have heard the more muscle you have the more calories your burn. This is true. I’m sure you have also heard that you have to put your body into extreme calorie deficit in order to lose weight. DEFINITELY NOT TRUE!

How to Cheat on Your Diet

how to cheat on your diet

Try not to think of straying from your eating plan as “cheating”. You are making a change for life. The healthy changes you have made should become how you eat and what food choices you make forever. The key is balance and moderation.

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